A program of the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs sponsored a one month visit of a professor from St. Cloud State, Minnesota, USA.

Professor Amos Olagunju is an Information Technology professional with over 30 years of experience with academic, industry, government and military projects.  Expertise with formal systems for personnel evaluation and selection, curriculum development for information technology, and health care and transportation technology.
During his stay, Prof. Amos, trained the faculty and students in the department of computing and technology in:
•    Research and academic writing
•    Assessment of the needs and satisfaction of undergraduate and graduate students
Prof Amos mentored the faculty to write quality academic articles through one to one sessions.
The Prof. through the university directorate of research and publication, conducted a two days seminar for the entire faculty of the university on:
•    Research funding proposal writing
•    Comprehensive program assessment of student learning using ABET criteria

Prof. Amos also engaged in other activities outside academics to prepare faculty professional development plan and report in conjunction with Dr. Mukasa Paul. He developed a template for the timelines of the university strategic plans under the request of the chairperson of the strategic planning committee, Dr. Kibirango. He developed a template to guide different schools in applying to house faculty fellows from the Africa Diaspora Fellowship program.
The visit of Prof. Amos was a great blessing, not only to the faculty and students in the department of computing and technology, but to the entire university.
On behalf of the entire faculty and students of Bugema University, particularly in the department of computing and technology, I express our gratitude to Prof. Amos for the commitment, support and training extended to us. We look forward to continuous collaboration on future research projects.
We also appreciate the support from US Fulbright Office who sponsored the program.

David Mpanga
Research and Collaborations Coordinator; Department of Computing and Technology; School of Business