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‘Public Relations practice is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an Organisation and its publics.’ (Institute of Public Relations)
Public Relations is essentially a long-term process, sending messages to the public, designed to build and develop the reputation of the University over a period of time. Above all, Public Relations works with a planned programme with clear objectives to be sustained.
Some of the Roles include the following;
•        Stake holder management and engagement,
•         Defending and promoting Universitys’ reputation in; Commercial, Public-sector and Not-for -profit.
•         Mangling   the Universitys’ Social media.
•        Moving negative perceptions to neutral perceptions through;
 an integrated press and Public Relations programmes.
•         On-going media communications which incorporate: interviews, talk shows, sponsorship opportunities, exposure marketing during internships, orientation and attending large exhibitions such as National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).
•        Communicating to the public the vision, mission and values of Bugema University (BU) which includes; Integrity, Excellence, Holism
•        Communicating to the public and the Universitys’ Unique Selling Points like; (USP) Training graduates who are functional, reliable at reasonable affordable prices.
The role of press and public relations BU
•        Public Relations department is responsible for creating and implementing the BU’s PR strategy for example Press Releases, Course Launches, Regional press tours, Campus visits and briefings with journalists.
Marketing Bugema University
•        Marketing activities include: exposure marketing events organized nationally, local and national press advertisements, campus tours, Television Advertising of BU values and publicity activities with both Print and Broadcast Media.

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