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Student Government
The Bugema University Student Association (BUSA) is the primary student association in which all registered students, including in-service, satellite campus, and graduate students are members.  This organization exists to give leadership opportunities to students and to provide a formal means of communication with the faculty and administration for the purpose of improving the learning environment of the university.  Elections to student government are held once a year.  BUSA operates a canteen, copy center and computing facility near the athletic field.  Locally known as “the container”, services available include typing, printing, book binding, scanning and pho¬tocopying.  In the container shop, one can purchase soft drinks, snacks, air¬time, minor school supplies, etc.
Student Clubs
There are several academic clubs and special interest clubs that have been established at the university to help the students develop in their fields of study and other interests.  Students are invited to join clubs according to their interests, which may have a nominal membership fee.

Student Vehicles
The university regulates the use of student owned vehicles.  Students are permitted to have their own vehicles on campus under the following conditions: on arrival, the vehicle must be registered with the office of the Director of Students Affairs and the security offices; the driver of the vehicle must be properly licensed and the vehicle appropriately insured. Bringing a vehicle to campus is a privilege and not a right.  Driving recklessly, using the vehicle for unauthorized trips off campus, or any other abuse of the privilege may be cause for its withdrawal. Further information on this issue is stipulated in the Student Handbook.

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