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Language Education Trip:

It was one of the thrilling moments when students in Language Education Department, School of Education, Bugema University, went out for a study tour to some of the sites near Kampala City.  The occasion took place on March 2, 2018.  Destination places were Observer publishers, Uganda Museum and the Kasubi Tombs.

This field trip was a fulfillment of one of students’ requirements which obliges them to take at least one study tour during their stay in the university.  The Language Education Club, guided by their Patron and Head of Department, Mr. Kayiwa David organized it. 

Among the objectives of the trip were to have an exposure to at least one of the language activating entities of which a media house was instrumental.  The second one was to learn the heritage on Uganda through handicrafts and some of the present antique elements.  Uganda Museum became the choicest destination for this objective.  The last one was to have a touch of the Kiganda culture which was to be gained at the tombs in Kasubi.

The team set off was early in the morning at 8:00 AM.  The first destination was Observer. The Chief Editor gave students detailed nitty-gritties of journalism and writing.  Students learnt what makes a good writer, a good article, how to publish and the challenges of the entire process.  In a grilling questioning session, students learnt that one does not need to be a journalist to be a good reporter.  In fact some of the reporters are teachers more so the language and literature teachers.  These are assumed to be flamboyant custodians of language. The lecture was a good motivating factor to the writers to be.

Then came the moment of a study through Uganda Museum.  A look at the different chambers or sections of this story telling edifice kept students busy and entertained for a good part of the day. The different chambers included Uganda historical art crafts, some cultural monuments like dressing, bark cloth making and designing, housing objects, artisan crafts, name it all displayed on the different windows of the the museum.  There is a chamber for Uganda’s  flora and fauna and the different landscapes of the country.  Other  things on which visitors feasted their eyes were the sports chamber, oil harvesting, milk producing and processing, stone age, old dilapidated presidential cars, a cultural village, and others.

The last leg was the Kasubi Tombs.  This is where the remains of the last four Buganda kabaka(s) [a Luganda title for kings] are laid to rest.  The tombs are part of UNESCO list of the world’s wonder for it is the world’s tallest grass thatched edifice.  In spite of the unfortunate and malicious destruction of the structure by fire, there is a lot to learn.  the place is a gold mine of history of the Buganda Kingdom dating back to Kabaka Muteesa through his dead successors to the current king, King Ronald Mutebi.  To the literature students, a number of these myths and legends were a supplementary dose of the oral literature they learn in classes.  Now was the time to learn from other resource personnel.  The reconstruction of the burnt tombs is in progress.  But there are cultural regalia like royal drums, the tom-toms, the oldest housing structure now used as a gate and a few other things to watch.  Much was learnt from this place.

All these were lessons outside the classroom.  The tour was a timely break away from the routine classroom environment with same lecturers, same classrooms, same students, same everything.  Now was the time to drink from the fountain of the ‘know it all.  Good lectures from the different facilitators in all these sites supplemented a lot to the classroom knowledge students are well versed with.  That was the Language Education study tour; so much learnt.


Article written by Mr. Kayiwa David HoD, Language Education Department, School of Education, Bugema University

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