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Bugema University is an Adventist institution situated in Uganda, hosting students from different countries.  It offers a special intensive English program that is particularly fashioned to suit students from countries lacking English language proficiency. These include Rwanda, Burundi, D.R.Congo, Angola, South Sudan, and Somali among others.

English language is a Lingua franca. It is the language of world business. With globalization, students from non-English countries need to have English proficiency. This will help them conveniently engage and participate in social-religious, diplomatic and administrative international activities. It is the only means of exchanging information between scientists and other scholars of different nationalities.

Intensive English is a one-year program that offers a kick-start opportunity for improvement in both written and spoken English. Grammar, composition writing, vocabulary, essay writing, reading and many other course units are offered. These courses are evenly distributed in two semesters to ensure full coverage of necessary skills that include reading, writing and speaking.  Many students especially from D.R. Congo and Sudan who have gone through this program have reaped its benefits. Enrollment is done in august and January.

Intensive English Institute has modern class rooms fitted with modern oral lesson devices such as a Television set, Radios and Speakers that aid in articulation lessons. It also has both electronic and improvised teaching aids that are core in quick grasping and retaining concepts. The institute has very charismatic and multi-lingual teachers who are available and ready to guide and supervise the whole learning process. The teachers also offer one on one learning activities such as music, role-play and drama that makes language acquisition interesting thus easy. 
Students write weekly assessment tests, which constitutes part of coursework. They also sit for mid and end of semester exams. Usually in a span of two semesters, serious students will express themselves effectively in both written and spoken English. Those who pass are awarded a certificate of completion. Besides, the unparalleled mastery in English language at the end of the program is the greatest reward a student would ask.

Bugema being a cosmopolitan university, English is the only language used for instruction and interaction. Students therefore have an opportunity to socialize in daily activities and thus quickly attain the English skills. However, it is quite challenging to the students who do not like or fear socializing with fluent speakers.
The benefits of the entire course by far supersede the Pocket-friendly tuition fees that you pay. Come and transform your world in just two semesters.

Sally Kayiwa
Intensive English Institute

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