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Guided by the truths of the Gospel, we envision to become a leading educational institution, advancing the science of nursing and healthcare that will exemplify the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.


The mission of the Department of Nursing is to prepare students to be competent nursing professionals who integrate Christian caring into their nursing practice as they serve diverse communities in Uganda and beyond.

1. To provide unique learner-centered experience that incorporates Christian faith and values into theoretical content, evidence-based practice and diverse clinical experiences. 
2. To provide high quality educational opportunities to health care and nursing students in the advancement of knowledge through patient care services, scholarship and research. 
3. To achieve academic excellence in nursing education through learner centered teaching, evidence based practice, creative inquiry and student engagement.
4. To prepare graduates for a successful nursing career that includes life-long learning, leadership training, leadership and responsibility through professional nursing practice and service to others.
5. To achieve recognition as a leader in nursing within the community through collaborative, public private partnerships and service

Programmes Offered:
 Bachelor in Nursing Science
 Diploma in General Nursing
 Certificate in General Nursing

Education Field Trip:
Field trips as required by nursing courses to enhance the learning of the students. It is also a clinical requirement to be fulfilled by students pursuing the degree, diploma and certificate programmes.

Delivery Mode:
1. Lecture - Discussion
2. Demonstration and Return & Demonstration
3. Reports (Individual and Group)
4. Skills Laboratory Clinical Rotation
5. Community Participation and Outreach
6. Case Presentations
7. Seminar / Workshops
8. Research
9. Clinical Enhancement
10. Examination Department / Uganda Accrediting Body (MOE / UNMEB)

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