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Bugema University’s’ fees are competitive and are determined by the number of academic hours taken and other services provided by the university, such as boarding, library, medical, etc.
The fees structure is subject to change. However, it cannot change within the academic year.
The total amount to be charged to every student is computed by using the academic fees structure approved by the University Council. The copies of fees structures of different courses are available in the Registrar’s Office and Business Office of the university and are given free of charge on request.

All fees must be paid in any of the bank accounts of the university given below before registration. Bank charges for the other banks vary depending on their internal policies.
The deposit slip must be presented to the receiving cashier within the month of the deposit.
Currently the following are the university account numbers in various banks:

• Eco Bank Kenya    6580005932
• Centenary Rural Development Bank    3510621398
• Equity Bank    1017200261563
• United Bank Of Africa (UBA)    1206000016

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   0113009891
BANK:   United Bank Of Africa

The refund rules apply when a student makes changes in course load, withdraws, drops out, takes an unapproved leave of absence, fails to return from an approved leave of absence, is expelled, or otherwise fails to complete the period of enrollment for which he or she was charged.
The effective date for refunds of tuition or payments is made according to the date the student notifies the university and completes the withdrawal form. If the student fails to officially withdraw or appropriately notify the university, the last recorded date of class attended by the student, documented by the university, will be the effective date.
Institutional charges (tuition and fees, room and board) are refunded based on the total semester charges appropriately as follows for drop/withdrawal:
Week 1 80% (any time after registration)
Week 2 70%
Week 3 - 4 60%
Week 5 50%
Week 5+ 0% (No refund)

The university runs some summer/holiday programs. Tuition and fees refunded, based on total charges for the mini-summer, holiday classes and summer term, are as follows for drop/withdrawal:
First 2 class days 80% (any time after registration)
Next 4 class days 10% less each day
After 5 class days 0% (No refund)

Late Fees
Continuing students who report for registration after the last day of normal registration and before closure of registration are charged a late fee. The late fee increases for each day the student is late to a maximum limit. Late fees are meant to encourage students to arrive early, complete registration and begin classes on time.

Postdated and Unpaid Cheques
Postdated cheques are not acceptable. No student presenting a postdated cheque will be financially cleared.

Cases related to bounced cheques or unpaid cheques are to be treated in compliance with banks and other government regulations in place.

General Financial Matters
If a student neglects or refuses to pay amounts owed to the university, the Administrative Board deserves the right to withhold any or all registration materials, student examination results, transcripts, or diplomas until the student settles the amount with the university. Such fees include tuition, room and board charges, library fines, book costs, damage costs, and other legitimate charges.

Breakage or Damage: Students are held responsible for the cost of any breakage or damage which they may cause.
Personal Effects: Students should ensure that personal effects are covered by insurance.
The university accepts no liability for loss or damage by any cause.

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