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My dreams are worthless, my goals too are of no value, unless they are followed by Action.
The years, I have served as a football game manager for Bugema University have earned me great experience thus the Lenz I used to judge football in those other days, is not the same Lenz that I use today. Football is a game that exposes talent, skills and tactics but most of all it's a game that is highly highly measured by the number of goals scored. No matter the beauty of display tick tack, dribbling skills, one touch, short-short-long passes, sweet combination and excellent switch plays. All is in vein unless the ball goes beyond the goal keeper, beyond the goal line and in the net. Believe me no manager in the history of football has ever survived in the club for displaying a beautiful football tactics with no goals scored. Well it doesn't matter how many goals you concede as a coach or team.... What Matters is the difference between the goals your team was able to score the opponent side. Football is like life....it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard-work and sacrifice. All those who've been successful in life, have had the above virtues. My dearest, sweetest Players of the Mighty Bugema University (The Heart Beat of Millions)
Today 29th May 2022, you come to make a remarkable history as you face IUIU the contenders in our group F.
Remember it is only in the Dictionary where success comes before hard-work.
Amuka Henry, you are a special goal keeper...the commanding officer and source of motivation for the Team....You are the only goal keeper who has not conceded a goal yet. Your clean sheet record is for sure still clean....Ask yourself now are u tired of the clean sheet? Step up again and make it. No body who ever gave his best regretted it. Moses Elakas, you know what to do and when to do it. You are despised for looking weak and small yet the coach believes that in the sight of your weakness lies your greatest strength. Emmomer Richard, you quickly understand how to compose yourself and believe me, you are the minister of defense, our team is safer with u in the center back. Wafula Don.....I have called you Don Yen and I know you know why, No one ever drowned in sweat.
Captain Kagoda Charles... Your administration is exceptional and splendid, remember this, "It is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size in the fight of the dog" It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, what Matters is that one time you got back up. My special and lovely midfielders,
Micheal Lat, Sawa Erick, Muhwezi Anthony and Ssebale Swalafidin, as for you guys, There's only one way to succeed and that's it to give it everything. The most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable. I will describe you one by one after the match....
Isaac Ssenyunja and Masuk Innocent. Have this at the back of your minds, The man who is on top of the mountain didn't fall there. We are on top of the table coz you netted passed goalkeeper of IUIU in out home game and Joy overwhelmed Bugema University family. Please may you raise the banner again! Sulamain kawu kawu, I will forever cherish u.....the jersey 7 Is a historical jersey number.... defend it....Wamani Fred, I acknowledge the fact that you're the most peaceful player on the Team. I can't take it for granted. I love you. Give in all you have. Remember this..."If what you did yesterday seems big then you haven't done anything today" Mugerwa Erick, I stopped comparing you and I learned to trust you. Being on coach Meddy's Team is not just a reluctant gesture of sweeping boredom. He too believes in u. Make us proud. The technical team.....Coach Meddy, I will forever cherish and adore you.
You have a spirit of generosity, you see the best in others, you have a high level of emotional maturity, you have uncommon compassion, for sure Coach Meddy, you are highly professional, you understand football, you have branded Bugema University football, you are so empathetic, you understand the true meaning of pain and struggle, above all u are patient with players....u quickly get pissed off that I Know, but as much as possible I also Know that you quickly forgive. You are a parent....the football chemistry is that the coach and the players must be bond together as a family. You introduced your Assistant Coach Paul Yiga into the system without bias. You have trusted his decisions and advise to you....both of have blended your knowledge to give Bugema University the best. A reminder.....Today is not different from other days... A complete day has 24 hours.
Kindly give us only 90 Minutes out of the 24 hours and deliver your Best. I know you have done it before and surely you will do it again. As a Bible scholar, Philippians 1:6 says "Being confident of this....He who started a good work in you, will bring it to completions........" Our fans...... Ladies and gentlemen....it's not a secret that our success is heavily dependant on your sincere and honest support...You spend sleepless nights thinking about Bugema University football team, most of all you travel in the coldest temperatures of every morning whenever we have an away game, very hungry and exhausted You have not given up... You have always given the team The best morale ever, the Vuvuzelas and trumpets that you blow, make the game seem simpler and work easier for the boys in their yellow Jersey. The sweetest reward to you guys Must be a WIN. Thanks to the University administration...Prof Paul Katamba for all the support. God bless you.

© Kikora Seth Doson
Manager Football Team
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