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A medical center with the services of qualified medical personnel is located on campus. Health and emergency care are available to students as well as members of the community. The facility includes services for both inpatients and outpatients, laboratory services, maternal – child health services, dental services, optical services, HIV counseling and testing and a range of community - health services.

Bugema University Hospital is an Upgrade of Bugema University Health Center III after the management of Bugema University entering into partnership with Eden Health Care that has a team of experienced and specialized personnel in Health Care systems to take over the overall management of Hospital with the mandate of improving Health Care service provision at the Facility.

Eden Health Care is comprised of different expertise in various fields of Health Care service system.

• Dr.Patrick Lukula(General Practioner bias Obs & Gyne).
• Dr.Francis Owori(Orthopedic Surgeon/Oncologist and Lecturer at Busitema University Department of Surgery).
• Dr. Henry Ssembuya(Surgeon and Lecturer KIU Department of Surgery).
• Dr Raymond Malinga(Orthopedic Surgeon/Spine and Lecturer Busitema University Department Biomedical Sciences).
• Dr Dickens Odongo(General Practioner bias Pediatrics).
• Dr Charles Waiswa (Obstetrician/Gynecologist).
• Dr. Ben Mondo(Gynecologist).
• Dr Blessing Talemwa (Neuro Surgeon).
• Dr David Basangwa (visiting Psychiatrist)
• Dr. Charles Lugero ( Cardiologist- Mulago Hospital)
• Dr. Patrick Sseremba(Physician)
• Mrs. Veronica Lukula(Clinical Psychologist/Project Management).
• Mr. Robert Atuhairwe(Business Development and Healthcare Management).


• Lira Medical Center(Lira City)
• Kumi Hospital(Kumi District)
• International Medical Center(Jinja, Arua, Gulu, Mbarara, Soroti & Mbale City)
• Kuluva COU Hospital(Arua District)
• Mt. Elgon Hospital(Mbale City)
• Mbale Orthopedic & Research Institute Mbale City
• Mafupa Orthoplus Center(Soroti City)

Eden Health Care Team has manifested its expertise in the Health Care systems


• Students of Bugema SDA Institutions.
• Staff of Bugema SDA Institutions.
• Family and Friends of Staff of Bugema SDA Institutions.
• Community surrounding the Hospital.
• Corporate/Companies surrounding the Hospital
• Insurance Companies/Insured Patients
• Prominent Families in the Hospital surrounding.
• Referrals from other Health Facilities.

Eden Health Care Team has manifested its expertise in the Health Care systems


Providing general and specialized health services to the residents of Uganda and the rest of East Africa.


• Staff inclusiveness in Hospital planning and Decision making with a Monthly meeting on 3rd Dec 2021.
• Increased Staff Focus, Engagement and Availability 24/7 hrs.
• Recruited and Acquired Services of a General Doctor 24/7 hrs.
• Improved Customer Care.
• Optical Eye Camp on the 10th Dec 2021 with 171 Pts.
• Dental Services are already Functional from 13th Dec 2021 with 10 Pts.
• Ultra Sound Scan fully functional 13th Dec 2021 with 5 Pts.
• Patient monitor acquired 1 out of 5
• Community awareness and engagement on Hospital services.SDA Churchs of (Kiwenda, Namulonge, Kasozi, Jerusalem, Luwunga and Kireka). Local Radio. centers of Busiika, Luwunga, Kalungu, Lukyamu and Kalanamu.
• Corporate Courtesy Mapping,Visits and Engagement.Visits to Yaket Manufacturing Plant, Great Outdoor Recreation Center, Unique Clays and Afro Taste.
• Investments Kiwenda,Golilos Company, Kyalenga Factory, Mairye Estates, Bugema Adventist Secondary School and Extreme Adventures.
• Prostate Cancer Screening on the 17th Dec 2021 with 12 Pts.
• 70% of Furnishing of Facility and Alternation Changes.


• General Medicine. Outpatient (OPD) and Admissions (IPD) Mon-Sun 24/7 hrs.
• Laboratory Services Mon-Sun 8am-10pm.
• Dental Service Mon-Wed 8am-5pm.
• Maternity Services Mon-Sun 24/7 hrs.
• Pediatrics Services Mon-Fri 24/7 hrs.
• Gynecologist Services Mon-Fri 24/7 hrs.
• Theatre Services(Gyn and General) Mon-Sun 24/7 hrs.
• Eye Clinic Fri 9am-4pm.
• ART Clinic Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
• Ultra Sound Scan Mon-Sun 9am-5pm.
• Family Planning Service Mon-Sun 8am-5PM.
• Antenatal Services Wed 8am-5pm.
• Immunization UNEP Thur 8am-12pm.
• Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
• Post Natal Care 24/7 hrs.
• Post Operative Care 24/7 hrs.
• Psychiatrist and Psychologist Services Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
• Orthopedic Services Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
• Physiotherapy Services Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.


If you have symptoms such as a cold, cough, fever or sudden loss of smell or
taste, you can get tested to see if you are infected with coronavirus.
This will help us control the spread of the virus and protect one another.

• Purchase and Installments of ERP System.
• Purchase of some Theatre Equipment.
• Construction of Mortuary and PIT Latrine.
• Availing the Ambulance Services.
• Fencing of Placenta PIT and Incinerator.
• Purchase and Installment of Hospital Contact Phone.

• Charge of Staff Accounts.
• Charge of Student Accounts.
• Family Monthly Invoicing.
• Corporate/Company Monthly Invoicing.
• Corporate/Company, Family/Individual Pre-payments
• Insurance Billing.

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